Claire Martinet

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Optogenetics offers an unprecedented ability to spatially target neuronal stimulations. This study investigated via simulation, for the first time, how the spatial pattern of excitation affects the response of channelrhodopsin-2 (ChR2) expressing neurons. First we described a methodology for modeling ChR2 in the NEURON simulation platform. Then, we compared(More)
Modelling the mechanical response of silica glass is still challenging, due to the lack of knowledge concerning the elastic properties of intermediate states of densification. An extensive Brillouin Light Scattering study on permanently densified silica glasses after cold compression in diamond anvil cell has been carried out, in order to deduce the elastic(More)
This experimental research shows that a class III clasp partial dentures should present four Akers clasps. This way the occlusal rests are placed as closely as possible to the edentulous area on both sides of the arch and the abutment teeth are less stressed than if the occlusal rests are further away from saddles. On the other hand, a lingual bar of(More)
Two types of restoration of the class III and two types of the class VI have been tested on a test bench. These restorations react differently to vertical forces than to oblique ones. The fixed bridge reacts best to vertical forces. On the other hand it is the bilateral prosthesis with four Akers clasps which is more favorable to oblique forces. The(More)
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