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Apelin is the endogenous ligand for the previously orphaned G protein-coupled receptor APJ. Apelin and its receptor are widely distributed in the brain, heart, and vasculature, and are emerging as an important regulator of body fluid homeostasis and cardiovascular functions. To further progress in the pharmacology and the physiological role of the apelin(More)
BACKGROUND Death-Associated Protein Kinase (DAPK) is a member of the Ca2+/calmodulin regulated serine/threonine protein kinases. Its biological function has been associated with induced cell death, and in vivo use of selective small molecule inhibitors of DAPK catalytic activity has demonstrated that it is a potential therapeutic target for treatment of(More)
Diastereomeric doubly bridged biphenyl azepines, atropos at 20 degrees C and tropos at 80 degrees C, are precursors to effective iminium organocatalysts that are employed in the enantioselective epoxidation of prochiral olefins (up to 85% ee).
The erythro isomer of 1-naphthyl-1-(2-piperidyl)methanol 4, an efficient chiral modifier for asymmetric heterogeneous hydrogenation, was obtained as the major isomer (95%) in two steps while the threo isomer can be obtained as the major isomer (67%) in three steps. erythro-4 and threo-4 were resolved on a CHIRALCEL OD-RH column. It has been shown by VCD(More)
Several novel chiral iminium TRISPHAT [tris(tetrachlorobenzenediolato)phosphate(V)] salts combining a diphenylazepinium core, chiral exocyclic appendages, and lipophilic counterions have been prepared and tested in biphasic enantioselective olefin epoxidation conditions. Interestingly, the iminium salts derived from commercially available (S)- or(More)
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