Claire Marche

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Human alpha 1-acid glycoprotein (AAG), a plasma drug transport protein, has three main genetic variants, the A variant and the F1 and S variants, which are encoded by two different genes. The binding of disopyramide, methadone, dipyridamole, chlorpromazine, lignocaine and progesterone to the two main gene products of AAG-the A variant and a mixture of the(More)
The study of one commercial preparation of human alpha 1-acid glycoprotein (AAG) by isoelectric focusing and by different chromatographic methods, previously developed to purify and fractionate the genetic variants of AAG, revealed an abnormal heterogeneity for this preparation. In addition to the three main variants (F1, S and A) of AAG normally present,(More)
Studies were conducted to test the effects of various auxins, cytokinins, carbohydrates and amino acids on somatic embryogenesis from shoot apices of pea (Pisum sativum L.) cultured on a sole medium. Picloram (4.5 μM) and 4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid (45 μM) were the most effective auxins. Addition of cytokinins (benzyladenine, zeatin, kinetin) to(More)
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