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Combined NMR and DFT studies for the absolute configuration elucidation of the spore photoproduct, a UV-induced DNA lesion.
It is concluded without ambiguity that the absolute configuration of the C5a carbon is R and that the methylene bridge of the photoproduct corresponds to the methyl group of the thymine located on the 3'-end of the dinucleoside monophosphate.
The role of temporal aspects for quality assessment
Results prove the existence of a purely temporal aspect in video quality perception and compare the perceived quality of two versions of a mosquito noise correction algorithm: one purely spatial and the other spatio-temporal.
Viewpoint adaptive display of HDR images
The goal is to achieve the best perceptual reproduction of the specified target image derived from the HDR input image in the specific viewing situation including multiple viewers, possibly having different preferences.
Drone-Based Daylight Electroluminescence Imaging of PV Modules
A drone-based system capable of acquiring EL images at a frame rate of 120 frames per second during high irradiance conditions is presented, which can capture enough EL and background image pairs to create an EL PV module image that has sufficient diagnostic information to identify faults associated with power loss.
Study of liquid–liquid interfaces by an easily implemented localized NMR sequence
To selectively extract heavy metals from solutions containing fission products, it is essential to optimize the liquid–liquid extraction processes. Such an objective requires improving the
Comparing subjective and objective quality assessment of HDR images compressed with JPEG-XT
In this paper a subjective test in which participants evaluate the quality of JPEG-XT compressed HDR images is presented. Results show that for the selected test images and display, the subjective
Controlling Power Consumption for Displays With Backlight Dimming
A framework for power controlled backlight dimming defining some key concepts is presented and two methods to obtain backlights with a predefined power level for images are presented: one method has low complexity and the other achieves high performance in terms of quality/power trade-off.
No Reference Prediction of Quality Metrics for H.264 Compressed Infrared Image Sequences for UAV Applications
The novelty of this work is to design a NR framework for the prediction of quality metrics by applying ML algorithm in the IR domain and it achieves a fairly reasonable performance.
Structural characterization and electronic properties determination by high-field and high-frequency EPR of a series of five-coordinated Mn(II) complexes.
The X-ray structures of the Mn(II) complexes reveal that the manganese ion lies in the center of a distorted trigonal bipyramid for complexes 1, 2, and 4, while complex 3 is better described as a distorted square pyramid.