Claire M King

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Voltage-dependent Ca(2+) channels (CaVs) represent the principal source of Ca(2+) ions that trigger evoked neurotransmitter release from presynaptic boutons. Ca(2+) influx is mediated mainly via CaV2.1 (P/Q-type) and CaV2.2 (N-type) channels, which differ in their properties. Their relative contribution to synaptic transmission changes during development(More)
Maintaining low intracellular calcium is essential to the functioning of brain cells, yet the phenomenology and mechanisms involved remain an enigma. We have advanced a two-photon excitation time-resolved imaging technique, which exploits high sensitivity of the OGB-1 fluorescence lifetime to nanomolar Ca(2+) concentration ([Ca(2+)]) and enables a high data(More)
Neuronal N-methyl-d-aspartate receptors (NMDARs) play a critical role in synaptic plasticity. Their activation requires not only binding of their ligand glutamate and membrane depolarization but also the presence of a co-agonist, glycine or d-serine. An increasing body of experimental evidence suggests that different populations of NMDARs could be gated by(More)
BACKGROUND This study is based on people dying at home relying on the care of unpaid family carers. There is growing recognition of the central role that family carers play and the burdens that they bear, but knowledge gaps remain around how to best support them. AIM The aim of this study is to review the literature relating to the perspectives of family(More)
Endometriosis is a common benign gynaecological condition affecting at least 10% of women of childbearing age and is characterized by pain--frequently debilitating. Although the exact prevalence is unknown, the economic burden is substantial (∼$50 billion a year in the USA alone) and it is associated with considerable morbidity. The development of(More)
  • Raj Chande, Michael Luca, Michael Sanders, Zhi Soon, Oana Borcan, Netta Barak-Corren +20 others
  • 2015
The Centre for Market and Public Organisation (CMPO) is a leading research centre, combining expertise in economics, geography and law. Our objective is to study the intersection between the public and private sectors of the economy, and in particular to understand the right way to organise and deliver public services. The Centre aims to develop research,(More)
  • Biol Lett, Andrew J Sumner, Claire King, Lindsay Narraway, Aidan Hodgson, Volker Weatherill +8 others
  • 2010
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In a modified Geller-Seifter conflict procedure, rats were trained to lever-press for food under a multiple variable interval-fixed ratio (VI30: food; FR10: food + shock) schedule of reinforcement. The ability to antagonize response suppression in the punished period is considered a good predictor for anxiolytic activity. Chlordiazepoxide and alprazolam(More)
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