Claire Lefort

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New unstable mutants of Ascobolus immersus involving the color or size of ascospores were sought among spontaneous mutants. Among the 34 unstable mutants isolated, 31 had white spores, 2 had pink spores and 1 had a large sized spores. The unstable mutants involve 11 loci whose mutation leads to white spores and 2 loci whose mutations give pink spores, among(More)
A specific scheme is used for fiber delivery of ultrashort pulses using conventional elements. Starting from a standard femtosecond Ti:Al(2)O(3) oscillator (150 fs @ 830 nm), perfectly compressed ultrashort pulses with a duration of 45 fs are produced at the output of a standard two meter long single-mode fiber. The setup allows compensating independently(More)
Several endomicroscope prototypes for nonlinear optical imaging were developed in the last decade for in situ analysis of tissue with cellular resolution by using short infrared light pulses. Fourier-transform-limited pulses at the tissue site are necessary for optimal excitation of faint endogenous signals. However, obtaining these transform-limited short(More)
We experimentally demonstrate a compact and efficient arrangement for fiber delivery of sub-30 fs energetic light pulses at 800 nm. Pulses coming from a broadband Ti:Sapphire oscillator are negatively pre-chirped by a grism-pair stretcher that allows for the control of second and third orders of dispersion. At the direct exit of a 2.7-m long large mode area(More)
Multicolor multiphoton microscopy is experimentally demonstrated for the first time on a spectral bandwidth of excitation of 300 nm (full width half maximum) thanks to the implementation a nanosecond supercontinuum (SC) source compact and simple with a low repetition rate. The interest of such a wide spectral bandwidth, never demonstrated until now, is(More)
Several major lung pathologies are characterized by early modifications of the extracellular matrix (ECM) fibrillar collagen and elastin network. We report here the development of a nonlinear fiber-optic spectrometer, compatible with an endoscopic use, primarily intended for the recording of second-harmonic generation (SHG) signal of collagen and two-photon(More)
Soil quality is related to soil characteristics such as fertility and contamination. The aim of this study is to assess the effect of land use on these soil characteristics and to confirm the following anthropisation gradient: (i) forest, (ii) grassland, (iii) cultivated, (iv) orchard and vineyard, (v) urban vegetable garden, and (vi) SUITMA (urban,(More)
Proteins are separated in field flow fractionation (FFF) according to a well-established mechanism described as the "Normal or Brownian" mode. In the case of the sub-technique using a hollow fiber, the focalization/relaxation position can be observed visually only with a transparent holder and using dyes as samples. Whatever the choice of instrumentation, a(More)