Claire Langford

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The objective of this study was to determine the role of CH(4) loading to a landfill cover in the control of CH(4) oxidation rate (gCH(4)m(-2)d(-1)) and CH(4) oxidation efficiency (% CH(4) oxidation) in a field setting. Specifically, we wanted to assess how much CH(4) a cover soil could handle. To achieve this objective we conducted synoptic measurements of(More)
Methane oxidation in landfill covers was determined by stable isotope analyses over 37 seasonal sampling events at 20 landfills with intermediate covers over four years. Values were calculated two ways: by assuming no isotopic fractionation during gas transport, which produces a conservative or minimum estimate, and by assuming limited isotopic(More)
ven and Germann, 1982; Bouma, 1990; Hamblin, 1985; Logsdon, 1995; McCoy et al., 1994; Steenhuis et al., Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) is an im1990; Singh and Kanwar, 1991; White, 1985). Macropore aging technique that is widely used in medical diagnosis. This technique has never been applied to soils. The objective of this study flow(More)
Soil acidity is one of the major farm management problems on the Southern Tablelands of NSW. Soil acidity occurs naturally and yet some agricultural practices exacerbate the process through nitrification, leaching, removal of produce and accumulation of organic matter in the soil. A grazing experiment was conducted between 1999 and 2008 near Sutton, NSW, to(More)
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