Claire L. Vincent

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Genetic recombination is an important process during the evolution of many virus species and occurs particularly frequently amongst begomoviruses in the single stranded DNA virus family, Geminiviridae. As in many other recombining viruses it is apparent that non-random recombination breakpoint distributions observable within begomovirus genomes sampled from(More)
Secretory lysosomes exist in few cell types, but various mechanisms are involved to ensure their mobilization within the cytoplasm. In phagocytes, lysosome exocytosis is a regulated phenomenon at least in part under the control of the phagocyte-specific and lysosome-associated Src-kinase p61Hck (hematopoietic cell kinase). We show here that p61Hck(More)
Podosomes are adhesion structures with an extracellular matrix-degrading capacity mostly found in monocyte-derived cells. We have previously shown that the protein tyrosine kinase Hck, a member of the Src family, triggers the de novo formation of podosome rosettes in a lysosome-dependent manner when expressed in its constitutively active form. Hck is(More)
Water samples from coastal lakes and ponds on Ross Island (77°S) and from the adjacent Ross Sea were analyzed to determine nutrient supply relative to the population size of planktonic algae and bacteria. An enrichment test was applied to each water to measure N and P accumulation by the seston as a guide to nutrient demand and deficiency. In all waters,(More)
In response to a demand for high accuracy low-level wind forecasts for the wind energy sector, the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research has developed a 10 km resolution assimilation and prediction system. The model (named WLAPS for research purposes, with W denoting its wind-energy focus), is an extension of the Bureau of Meteorology’s(More)
In contests among males, body condition is often the key determinant of a successful outcome, with fighting ability signaled by so-called armaments, that is, exaggerated, condition-dependent traits. However, it is not known whether condition and exaggerated traits function in the same way in females. Here, we manipulated adult condition by varying larval(More)
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