Claire L Middleton

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Two archaeal Holliday junction resolving enzymes, Holliday junction cleavage (Hjc) and Holliday junction endonuclease (Hje), have been characterized. Both are members of a nuclease superfamily that includes the type II restriction enzymes, although their DNA cleaving activity is highly specific for four-way junction structure and not nucleic acid sequence.(More)
HolliDay junction endonuclease (Hje) from Sulfolobus solfataricus is a resolving enzyme involved in cleaving specific sites on either side of recombinant four-way HolliDay junctions. The HJE gene from S. solfataricus was cloned from genomic DNA into the pET19b Escherichia coli expression vector and recombinant protein was expressed to high levels. Hje was(More)
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