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White ‘men’ and their Chinese ‘boys’
This paper explores the tense and intimate encounters between white men and their Chinese ‘houseboys’ in the neighbouring British colonies of Darwin and Singapore from the late nineteenth century toExpand
Transcolonial Influences on Everyday American Imperialism: The Politics of Chinese Domestic Servants in the Philippines
From the first years of the American occupation of the Philippines, the American colonial elite ran their households with the help of Chinese servants. The preference of government officials,Expand
Colonial Constructions of Masculinity: Transforming Aboriginal Australian Men into ‘Houseboys’
In Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia, Aboriginal men made up more than half of the domestic servant population by 1938. They replaced the Chinese and Malay male servants who had workedExpand
Colonialism and Male Domestic Service across the Asia Pacific
Examining the role of Asian and indigenous male servants across the Asia Pacific from the late-19th century to the 1930s, this study shows how their ubiquitous presence in these purportedly 'humble'Expand
The Transcolonial Politics of Chinese Domestic Mastery in Singapore and Darwin 1910s-1930s
Feminist and postcolonial scholars have long argued that the home was a microcosm and a symbol of the colony. To exercise power in the home, to practice domestic mastery over colonised servants, wasExpand
Abstract SCHOLARLY PUBLISHING:BOOKS, JOURNALS, PUBLISHERS, AND LIBRARIANS IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY. Richard E. Abel and Lyman W. Newlin (Eds). Katina Strauch and Bruce Strauch (Editors-in-Chief). NewExpand