Claire Julia Kennedy

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The aim of this paper is to describe a task-cycling pedagogy for language learning using a technique we have called Stimulated Reflection. This pedagogical approach has been developed in the light of the new technology options available, especially those that facilitate audiovisual forms of interaction among language learners and teachers. In this instance,(More)
In much of the literature on the exploitation of corpora for language learning, the learners are viewed as researchers, who formulate and test their own hypotheses about language use. Having identified difficulties encountered in corpus investigations by our intermediate-level students of Italian in a previous study, we have designed a semester-long(More)
This paper presents a dynamic strategy for monitoring the depth of program trees evolved by STEPS (Strongly Typed Evolutionary Programming System). STEPS evolves higher-order functional programs in the form of trees, which are allowed to grow or shrink to fit the size of the problem, via specialised genetic operators. Thus, the need for arbitrary cutoff(More)
This paper details the implementation of a strongly-typed evolutionary programming system (STEPS) and its application to concept learning from highly-structured examples. STEPS evolves concept descriptions in the form of program trees. Predictive accuracy is used as the fitness function to be optimised through genetic operations. Empirical results with(More)
As the potential of applying machine learning techniques to perplexing problems is re-alised, increasingly complex problems are being tackled, requiring intricate explanations to be induced. Escher is a functional logic language whose higher-order constructs allow arbitrarily complex observations to becaptured and highly expressive generalisations to be(More)
This paper reports on the application of the Strongly Typed Evolutionary Programming System STEPS to the PTE2 challenge, which consists of predicting the carcinogenic activity o f c hemical compounds from their molecular structure and the outcomes of a number of laboratory analyses. Most contestants so far have relied heavily on results of short term(More)
Current concept learners are limited in their applicability as they generally rely on comparatively poor knowledge representation facilities (e.g. attribute value pairs, flattened horn clauses). The work carried out in support of my thesis has involved extending concept learning to a higher order setting by developing a novel representation based on closed(More)
Pressure related complications such as abdominal wall hernias occur with relative frequency in patients on peritoneal dialysis. Less frequently, a transudative pleural effusion containing dialysate can develop. This phenomenon appears to be due to increased intra-abdominal pressure in the setting of congenital or acquired diaphragmatic defects. We report(More)