Claire J. H. Thompson

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We demonstrate that although auditory sampling is a useful tool, this method alone will not provide a truly accurate indication of population size, density and distribution of gibbons in an area. If auditory sampling alone is employed, we show that data collection must take place over a sufficient period to account for variation in calling patterns across(More)
We have evaluated a multiplex STR system for routine forensic use, which co-amplifies six short tandem repeat (STR) loci; HUMTH01, D21S11, D18S51, D8S1179, HUMVWF31/A and HUMFIBRA (FGA), in conjunction with the X-Y homologous gene Amelogenin. Analysis of PCR products employs denaturing polyacrylamide gels coupled with fluorescentlabelled primers and(More)
Co-ordination polymers are currently attracting extensive interest due to their potential applications as supramolecular hosts, vessels, and frameworks for storage and separations. Many applications rely on the ion exchange capabilities of these compounds, and considerable debate surrounds the mechanism by which ion exchange occurs in co-ordination(More)
Atomic force microscopy (AFM) has been used to investigate the (1 0 0) face of crystalline adipic acid, both in air and liquid environments. In air, surface reorganization occurred during scanning of the AFM probe, which has been investigated using single point force-distance analysis under a controlled relative humidity (RH) environment. We suggest such(More)
This study examined sucking patterns during breast-feeding in order to investigate the supposed 'nutritive' and 'non-nutritive' sucking dichotomy. The intervals between sucks were determined: they indicated that there is no bimodal distribution corresponding to 'nutritive' and 'non-nutritive' rates of sucking, but rather a complete gradation between the(More)
It is well known that the presence of impurities can dramatically affect the nucleation, morphology, and chemical properties of crystals. Although literature is replete with examples of impurity or additive-induced modifications of crystals, few have examined the interaction of these compounds with distinct growing faces. In this study, we utilize atomic(More)
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