Claire Guilbaud

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We report the cloning and sequencing of a new cDNA sequence encoding a protein from the mouse seminal vesicle. An open reading frame of 297 nucleotides encoded a protein of 99 amino acids with a calculated molecular mass of 11.454 kDa. The first 21 amino acids constituted a signal peptide followed by 78 amino acids encoding the secreted protein. The cDNA(More)
This paper is concerned with hormonal regulation of the developmental pattern of major proteins of the mouse vas deferens (mouse vas deferens protein: MVDP, 34.5 kD) and seminal vesicle (15.5, 120 and 140 kD) whose expression is regulated by testosterone at adulthood. The ontogeny of these proteins, studied by SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis,(More)
This paper is focused on the question of simulation and visualiza-tion of 3D gel and paste dynamic effects. In a first part, we introduce a 3D physically based particle (or mass-interaction) model, with a small number of masses and few powerful interaction parameters, which is able to generate the dynamic features of both gels and pastes. This model proves(More)
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