Claire Gonzalez

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In many eukaryotes, disruption of the spindle checkpoint protein Mad2 results in an increase in meiosis I nondisjunction, suggesting that Mad2 has a conserved role in ensuring faithful chromosome segregation in meiosis. To characterize the meiotic function of Mad2, we analyzed individual budding yeast cells undergoing meiosis. We find that Mad2 sets the(More)
OBJECTIVES We elicited perspectives of rural Latino farmworkers and non-farmworkers about their participation in a community-based participatory pesticides exposure study in which they provided multiple biospecimens. METHODS Between March and April 2012, we conducted semistructured, one-on-one interviews with 39 rural Latino farmworkers and(More)
The interaction between HIP family proteins (HIP1 and HIP12/1R) and clathrin is fundamental to endocytosis. We used circular dichroism (CD) to study the stability of an HIP1 subfragment (aa468-530) that is splayed open. CD thermal melts show HIP1 468-530 is only stable at low temperatures, but this HIP1 fragment contains a structural unit that does not melt(More)
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