Claire Girard-Reydet

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In early Xenopus development, transcription is repressed and DNA replication initiates at non-specific sites. Here, we show that a site-specific DNA replication origin can be induced in this context by the assembly of a transcription domain. Deletion of the promoter element abolishes site-specific initiation, and its relocalization to an ectopic site(More)
Only a very few origins have been mapped in different multicellular organisms, and they do not share detectable consensus sequence elements. Moreover, it is not clear if origins are localized at similar positions in the corresponding locus in genomes of different organisms. Here, we have mapped DNA replication origins in the c-myc locus both in Xenopus and(More)
Alpha 5 and beta 3 GABAA receptor genes are major candidates for epilepsy, as they code for subunits of the most important human inhibitory neurotransmitter. Moreover, they are located within a region of the human genome previously implicated in disorders including epilepsy. We carried out an association study between dinucleotide repeat polymorphisms in(More)
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