Claire Gallagher

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Receptive field properties vary systematically across the different layers of the cat striate cortex. Understanding how these functional differences emerge requires a precise description of the interlaminar connections and the quality of information that they transmit. This study examines the contribution of the two physiological types of neuron in layer 6,(More)
Ovohysterectomized female ferrets were housed in controlled environment rooms in which the daily lighting schedule was either 15L:9D (long days) or 9L:15D (short days). After 2 weeks some ferrets in each group were given an intrajugular catheter: beginning 1 week later, a blood sample was taken daily at one of eight different clock times over an 8 to 10 day(More)
Previous studies in rats have shown that ibogaine inhibits neurochemical and behavioral effects of morphine yet potentiates similar effects of (+)-amphetamine. To assess whether these different functional interactions have a metabolic basis, brain levels of morphine and (+)-amphetamine were measured by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry after ibogaine(More)
We have previously shown that serotonin type-3 (5-HT3) receptors mediate cholecystokinin (CCK)-induced satiation and that this effect is dependent on postoropharyngeal feedback. However, the independent contributions of gastric and intestinal feedback in 5-HT3 receptor mediation of suppression of food intake by CCK have not been determined. Using a(More)
Over the last decade, a number of tools have been developed to evaluate, in a systematic way, patients' insight into their psychotic illness. Such tools, however, capture different clinical phenomena of insight. So far, there is no indication as to which phenomenon of insight might be the most useful or predictive (e.g. clinically or therapeutically) to(More)