Claire Gallagher

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Receptive field properties vary systematically across the different layers of the cat striate cortex. Understanding how these functional differences emerge requires a precise description of the interlaminar connections and the quality of information that they transmit. This study examines the contribution of the two physiological types of neuron in layer 6,(More)
A sensitive and highly selective analytical chemical method for measuring the indole alkaloid ibogaine in biological samples has been developed. The method utilizes organic extraction, derivatization with trifluoroacetic anhydride, and detection by combined gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. The deuterated analog of ibogaine, O-[Cd3]-ibogaine, was(More)
We have previously shown that serotonin type-3 (5-HT3) receptors mediate cholecystokinin (CCK)-induced satiation and that this effect is dependent on postoropharyngeal feedback. However, the independent contributions of gastric and intestinal feedback in 5-HT3 receptor mediation of suppression of food intake by CCK have not been determined. Using a(More)
Previous studies in rats have shown that ibogaine inhibits neurochemical and behavioral effects of morphine yet potentiates similar effects of (+)-amphetamine. To assess whether these different functional interactions have a metabolic basis, brain levels of morphine and (+)-amphetamine were measured by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry after ibogaine(More)
This paper presents a new algorithm for synthesising image texture. Texture synthesis is an important process in image post-production. Previous approaches can be classified as either parametric or nonparametric. Of these nonparametric approaches have achieved the most impressive results. Unfortunately, these methods generally suffer from high computational(More)
Over the last decade, a number of tools have been developed to evaluate, in a systematic way, patients' insight into their psychotic illness. Such tools, however, capture different clinical phenomena of insight. So far, there is no indication as to which phenomenon of insight might be the most useful or predictive (e.g. clinically or therapeutically) to(More)
This paper describes a supervised segmentation algorithm which draws inspiration from recent advances in non-parametric texture synthesis. A set of example images which have been segmented a priori are used as a guide in the segmentation process. This new algorithm is built on the Bayesian framework and combines the strengths of both parametric and(More)
This paper presents a new algorithm for synthesising image texture. Texture synthesis is an important process in image post-production. The best previous approaches have used non-parametric methods for synthesising texture. Unfortunately, these methods generally suffer from high computational cost and difficulty in handling scale in the synthesis process.(More)
Many businesses rely on forecasting techniques to detect whether sales opportunities are likely to be won or at risk of being lost. This enables the businesses to respond proactively. This paper describes a new method of sales forecasting that improves on an existing Qualitative Sales Predictor (QSP) in Hewlett-Packard (HP). QSP is based on a series of(More)