Claire Galand

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Human B-cell lymphomas, the fourth most common hematologic malignancy, are currently the subject of extensive research. The limited accessibility of biopsies, the heterogeneity among patients, and the subtypes of lymphomas have necessitated the development of animal models to decipher immune escape mechanisms and design new therapies. Here, we summarize the(More)
Primary intraocular lymphoma (PIOL), also called primary vitreoretinal lymphomas, often masquerades as uveitis. This misdiagnosis can result in subsequent brain involvement and oculocerebral lymphoma (OCL). In this study, we sought to characterize the helper T-cell type 1 (Th1)/Th2 cytokine profile in vitreous samples from patients with PIOL, OCL, uveitis(More)
Diffuse large B-cell lymphomas (DLBCLs) are heterogeneous diseases growing either in nodal or extranodal locations including the central nervous system. One key issue is to decipher the prognostic value of immune cells infiltrating these tumors as DLBCLs developing in sanctuaries are more aggressive than nodal DLCBLs. Here, we summarize available data from(More)
BACKGROUND Th17 cells play an important role in the pathogenesis of many autoimmune diseases, but despite some reports of their antitumor properties, too little is known about their presence and role in cancers. Specifically, knowledge is sparse about the relation of Th17 to lymphoma microenvironments and, more particularly, to the microenvironment of(More)
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