Claire Fritzsch

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OBJECTIVE To compare lateralized cerebral activations elicited during self-initiated movement mirroring and observation of movements. SUBJECTS A total of 15 right-handed healthy subjects, age range 22-56 years. METHODS Functional imaging study comparing movement mirroring with movement observation, in both hands, in an otherwise identical setting.(More)
Sulthiame is effectively used in the treatment of benign and symptomatic focal epilepsy in children. Hyperventilation as a symptom is a well known adverse effect of the drug. Alterations of the acid-base equilibrium have been described for the drug, however, very infrequently only in adults without a detailed evaluation of the disorders status. The case(More)
BACKGROUND/METHOD We compared the growth hormone response to a modified exercise test--the treadmill exhausting test--to pharmacological stimulation tests in 77 children with short stature. Each child underwent the treadmill test to individual exhaustion and at least one pharmacological test for GH stimulation. To determine the point of individual(More)
BACKGROUND Mirror therapy (MT) was found to improve motor function after stroke, but its neural mechanisms remain unclear, especially in single stroke patients. OBJECTIVES The following imaging study was designed to compare brain activation patterns evoked by the mirror illusion in single stroke patients with normal subjects. METHODS Fifteen normal(More)
BACKGROUND Mirror therapy (MT) was found to improve motor function after stroke. However, there is high variability between patients regarding motor recovery. OBJECTIVES The following pilot study was designed to identify potential factors determining this variability between patients with severe upper limb paresis, receiving MT. METHODS Eleven sub-acute(More)
Die Multiple Sklerose ist eine seltene Erkrankung im Kindesalter. Bei einem 10jährigen Mädchen entwickelte sich eine rasch fortschreitende Parese des rechten Beins, begleitet von vegetativen und sensiblen neurologischen Ausfällen sowie einer Retrobulbärneuritis. Befund: Die Laboruntersuchungen einschließlich der Liquordiagnostik ergaben unauffällige(More)
PURPOSE Mirror therapy can improve motor and sensory functions, but effects of the mirror illusion on primary motor and somatosensory cortex could not be established consistently. METHODS Fifteen right handed healthy volunteers performed or observed a finger-thumb opposition task. Cerebral activations during normal movement (NOR), mirrored movement (MIR)(More)
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