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BACKGROUND The aim of this study is to determine whether immunohistochemical (IHC) assessment of Ki67 and p53 improves prognostication of oestrogen receptor-positive (ER+) breast cancer after breast-conserving therapy (BCT). In all, 498 patients with invasive breast cancer from a randomised trial of BCT with or without tumour bed radiation boost were(More)
Among all 14,500 incident cases of basal cell carcinoma (BCC), 6405 squamous cell carcinomas (SCC) and 1839 melanomas reported to the Northern Ireland Cancer Registry between 1993 and 2002, compared with the general population, risk of new primaries after BCC or SCC was increased by 9 and 57%, respectively. The subsequent risk of cancer, overall, was more(More)
Forty-six separate renal tumours developed in 36/80 Wistar male rats given a single i.v. dose of streptozotocin (25 mg/kg body wt) to induce diabetes mellitus. Fourteen of the tumours were epithelial in type, 8 were wholly mesenchymal and 24 were largely mesenchymal but also contained epithelial elements. The purely epithelial tumours correspond to the(More)
Reaction time (RT) to abrupt-onset stimuli has been widely used for more than a century to measure the duration of perceptuo-cognitive and motor processes [Donders, 1868/1969 Attention and Performance II (1969 Acta Psychologica 30 412-431)]. A complicating factor with the RT method is that of response withholding, or response inhibition (RI). The occurrence(More)
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