Claire Finnigan

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The Golgi complex functions to posttranslationally modify newly synthesized proteins and lipids and to sort them to their sites of function. In this study, a stacked Golgi fraction was isolated by classical cell fractionation, and the protein complement (the Golgi proteome) was characterized using multidimensional protein identification technology. Many of(More)
Ezrin-Radixin-Moesin (ERM) binding phosphoprotein 50 (EBP50, a.k.a. NHERF-1) is a scaffold protein essential for the localization and coordinated activity of apical transporters, enzymes and receptors in epithelial cells. EBP50 acts via multiple protein binding interactions, including oligomerization through interactions of its PSD95-Dlg-ZO1 (PDZ) domains.(More)
Anion channels provide a pathway for Cl(-) influx into the lumen of the Golgi cisternae. This influx permits luminal acidification by the organelle's H(+)-ATPase. Three different experimental approaches, electrophysiological, biochemical, and proteomic, demonstrated that two Golgi anion channels, GOLAC-1 and GOLAC-2, also mediate ATP anion transport into(More)
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