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Background Understanding the mechanisms by which fluid absorption and secretion occur in the endometrium is clinically important since conditions that deregulate this process reduce fertility. It has been suggested that luminal epithelial cells induce a crucial step in the process of embryo implantation called uterine closure via endocytotic fluid uptake.(More)
Morphogenetically competent proembryonic cells and well-developed somatic embryos of carrot at two levels of organization were exposed for 18.5 days to a hypogravity environment aboard the Soviet Biosatellite Cosmos 1129. It was confirmed that cultured totipotent cells of carrot can give rise to embryos with well-developed roots and minimally developed(More)
Endometrial receptivity for embryo implantation in the rat is a transient state occurring on day 5 of pregnancy or pseudopregnancy and is controlled by estrogen and progesterone. To identify genes potentially involved in receptivity, a uterine cDNA library was screened. An interesting pattern for Cystatin C (Cst3) expression was discovered with a peak in(More)
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