Claire E. Nolan

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Cellular senescence has been suggested to play a role in the deterioration of renal graft function and has been linked to telomere shortening. We have investigated markers of cellular senescence in the F344 to LEW rat model of chronic renal transplant rejection. Syngeneic and LEW to F344 transplants were used as controls. Substantial telomere shortening was(More)
There appears to be a relationship between mitotic activity and malignant behavior in adrenocortical tumors, and carcinomas with a high mitotic index may have a poorer prognosis. This has been investigated further by quantifying and comparing the Ki-67 index using antibody MIB-1 in a series of 14 adrenocortical adenomas and 40 carcinomas. The levels have(More)
Retinoic acid (RA) inhibited the growth and induced morphological changes in C6 rat glioma cells. The effects of RA on growth rate became apparent after 48 hr and were concentration-dependent and reversible. There was a 60% inhibition of growth using 10(-5) RA, which increased at low serum concentration to over 90% inhibition and was minimized at high(More)
Plasma membrane proteolipid (plasmolipin), which was originally isolated from kidney membranes, has also been shown to be present in brain. In this study, we examined the distribution of plasmolipin in brain regions, myelin, and oligodendroglial membranes. Immunoblot analysis of different brain regions revealed that plasmolipin levels were higher in regions(More)
We have extended our studies on the content of white matter derived coated vesicles (WMCVs) to show that they are enriched in membrane-bound carbonic anhydrase. Within the myelin complex membrane-bound carbonic anhydrase is concentrated in the periaxolemmal domain; however, this protein is enriched almost sevenfold in the bilayer of coated vesicles even(More)
Subcellular fractionation of rat sciatic nerve was developed to determine the specific localization of gangliosides in the nerve membrane fractions. Myelin, microsomal, and a plasma membrane-like fraction were isolated and purified by sucrose density gradient centrifugation. These subfractions were characterized by electron microscopy, marker enzyme assays,(More)
We have isolated and characterized coated vesicles from bovine white matter and compared them to those isolated from gray matter. The virtual absence of synaptic vesicle antigens in the white matter coated vesicles indicates they are distinct from those found in gray matter and from vesicles derived from synaptic membranes. The white matter coated vesicles(More)
Plasmolipin is an hydrophobic plasma membrane proteolipid present in both kidney and brain. The protein consists of two subunits of 17-18.5 kD, which together form K+ selective voltage-dependent channels. In this report, we define the embryonic and postnatal expression of plasmolipin in the developing rat brain. Plasmolipin was found to be essentially(More)
We have analyzed brain coated vesicles and synaptic plasma membrane for the presence of the plasma membrane proteolipid protein. Coated vesicles were isolated from calf brain gray matter with a final purification on Sephacryl S-1000 and reisolated twice by chromatography to ensure homogeneity. Fractions were analyzed by gel electrophoresis, immunoblotting(More)