Claire Dujardin

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In order to test for the effect of public housing occupancy on unemployment , we estimate a simultaneous probit model of unemployment and public housing. On a first sample, we instrument public housing with the gender composition of children. On a second sample, the instrument is the share of public housing at the city level. We also perform a robustness(More)
This paper attempts to explain the spatial variation of the use of a bicycle for commuting to work at the level of the 589 municipalities in Belgium. Regression techniques were used and special attention was paid to autocorrelation, heterogeneity and multicollinearity. Spatial lag models were used to correct for the presence of spatial dependence and a(More)
A recent body of research suggests that the spatial structure of cities might influence the socioeconomic characteristics and outcomes of their residents. In particular, the literature on neighbourhood effects emphasizes the potential influence of the socioeconomic composition of neighbourhoods in shaping individual's behaviours and outcomes, through social(More)
In this paper, we develop and test a method for examining the influence of national level contextual influences on population health. Acknowledging calls for the use of experimental study designs to explore contextual influences on health, we develop a study design in which sets of local areas from Britain and Belgium became akin to two 'treatment' groups;(More)
The aim of this paper is to determine whether the association between the provision of informal care and the health status of caregivers is affected by the country of residence. We focus on two European countries, Belgium and Great Britain, and develop a methodology, which consists of matching a subset of areas from Britain with areas in Belgium that are(More)
The living environment plays a key role in the "Aging in Place" strategy. We studied the influence of the built environment on the health status of elderly people living in Brussels. Using census and geo-coded data, we analysed whether built environment factors were associated with poor self-assessed health status and functional limitations of elderly(More)
In 2003, a new multi-annual program aimed at increasing the availability of formal child care for 0-3 year old children was launched in Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium. This paper is interested in evaluating if this increased availability of formal child care resulted in a higher employment rate for women with at least one child under 3. To(More)
In the last ten years the space issue, i.e. the study of the role played by space in economic phenomena , has attracted a lot of interest from many economic ¯elds. The combination of increasing returns, market imperfections, and trade costs creates new forces that, together with factor endowments , determine the distribution of economic activities. Despite(More)
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