Claire Cachia

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Although brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) plays a central role in recovery after cerebral ischemia, little is known about cells involved in BDNF production after stroke. The present study testes the hypothesis that neurons are not the unique source of neosynthesized BDNF after stroke and that non neuronal-BDNF producing cells differ according to the(More)
Previous experiments showed that S15 inhibits its own translation by binding to its mRNA in a region overlapping the ribosome loading site. This binding was postulated to stabilize a pseudoknot structure that exists in equilibrium with two stem-loops and to trap the ribosome on its mRNA loading site in a transitory state. In this study, we investigated the(More)
LT-R192G, a mutant of the thermolabile enterotoxin of E. coli, is a potent adjuvant of immunization. Immune responses are generally analyzed at the end of protocols including at least 2 administrations, but rarely after a prime. To investigate this point, we compared B and T cell responses in mice after one and two intrarectal immunizations with 2/6(More)
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