Claire C. Villette

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BACKGROUND The effect of high-speed movement on scapula kinematics is not clear from the literature. Understanding these effects is important for clinicians examining, managing and understanding scapula kinematic pathologies: impingement, glenohumeral instability, muscle patterning instability and athletic injuries. The scapula tracking methodology and the(More)
Here we have examined the composition of free sterols and steryl esters of pollen from selected angiosperm species, as a first step towards a comprehensive analysis of sterol biogenesis in the male gametophyte. We detected four major sterol structural groups: cycloartenol derivatives bearing a 9β,19-cyclopropyl group, sterols with a double bond at C-7(8),(More)
Studies suggest that fluid motion in the extracellular space may be involved in the cellular mechanosensitivity at play in the bone tissue adaptation process. Previously, the authors developed a mesoscale predictive structural model of the femur using truss elements to represent trabecular bone, relying on a phenomenological strain-based bone adaptation(More)
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