Claire Bowie

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SETTING A district in rural sub-Saharan Africa with a recently introduced antiretroviral (ARV) programme. The population has high human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevalence and high tuberculosis (TB) incidence. OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of HIV and acquired immune-deficiency syndrome (AIDS) related symptoms in people presenting with chronic(More)
BACKGROUND The effect of food supplementation provided by the World Food Programme to patients and their families enrolled in a predominantly HIV/AIDS home based care programme in Bangwe Malawi is assessed. METHODS The survival and nutritional status of patients and the nutritional status of their families recruited up to six months before a food(More)
BACKGROUND Home based care of HIV/AIDS patients is a health need recommended but not often available in Africa. Population based assessment helps to identify unmet health needs to plan services. Careful assessment and follow up of patients receiving home based care in a defined population of Bangwe, Malawi provides details of the frequency and severity of(More)
BACKGROUND Home based care (HBC) has been an important component of the response to the AIDS epidemic in Africa, and particularly so before antiretroviral therapy (ART) became available. Has HBC become unnecessary now that ART is available in many African countries? One way to investigate this is to assess the changing need for comprehensive HBC as an ART(More)
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