Claire Bonial

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In this paper, we have addressed the task of PropBank annotation of light verb constructions, which like multi-word expressions pose special problems. To arrive at a solution, we have evaluated 3 different possible methods of annotation. The final method involves three passes: (1) manual identification of a light verb construction, (2) annotation based on(More)
This research focuses on expanding PropBank, a corpus annotated with predicate argument structures, with new predicate types; namely, noun, adjective and complex predicates, such as Light Verb Constructions. This effort is in part inspired by a sister project to PropBank, the Abstract Meaning Representation project, which also attempts to capture “who is(More)
This research compares several of the thematic roles of Verb Net (VN) to those of the Linguistic Infrastructure for Interoperable Resources and Systems (LIRICS). The purpose of this comparison is to develop a standard set of thematic roles that would be suited to a variety of natural language processing (NLP) applications. We draw from both resources to(More)
This research describes SemLink, a comprehensive resource for Natural Language Processing that maps and unifies several highquality lexical resources: PropBank, VerbNet, FrameNet, and the recently added OntoNotes sense groupings. Each of these resources was created for slightly different purposes, and therefore each carries unique strengths and limitations.(More)
We take the first steps towards augmenting a lexical resource, VerbNet, with probabilistic information about coercive constructions. We focus on CAUSEDMOTION as an example construction occurring with verbs for which it is a typical usage or for which it must be interpreted as extending the event semantics through coercion, which occurs productively and adds(More)
This research discusses preliminary efforts to expand the coverage of the PropBank lexicon to multi-word and idiomatic expressions, such as take one for the team. Given overwhelming numbers of such expressions, an efficient way for increasing coverage is needed. This research discusses an approach to adding multiword expressions to the PropBank lexicon in(More)
This paper gives guidelines of how to annotate Propbank instances using a dedicated editor, Jubilee. Propbank is a corpus in which the arguments of each verb predicate are annotated with their semantic roles in relation to the predicate. Propbank annotation also requires the choice of a sense ID for each predicate. Jubilee facilitates this annotation(More)
This research describes efforts to use crowdsourcing to improve the validity of the semantic predicates in VerbNet, a lexicon of about 6300 English verbs. The current semantic predicates can be thought of semantic primitives, into which the concepts denoted by a verb can be decomposed. For example, the verb spray (of the Spray class), involves the(More)