Claire A. Montgomery

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2 Maintaining landscape connectivity is critical to reduce inbreeding, increase genetic diversity and provide resilience Key causes of biodiversity loss: Habitat Loss and Fragmentation urbanization deforestation agriculture Motivation: Landscape Connectivity • Current approaches in conservation biology: measure connectivity and identify likely linkages •(More)
The conservation of wildlife corridors between existing habitat preserves is important for combating the effects of habitat loss and fragmentation facing species of concern. We introduce the Steiner Multigraph Problem to model the problem of minimum-cost wildlife corridor design for multiple species with different landscape requirements. This problem can(More)
Markov Decision Process (MDP) simulators and optimization algorithms integrate several systems and functions that are collectively subject to failures of specification, implementation, integration, and optimization. We present a domain agnostic visual analytic design and implementation for testing and debugging MDPs: MDPVIS.
16 17 This paper presents estimates of potential future wildfire suppression cost savings that result 18 from allowing a current wildfire to burn on a landscape in central Oregon. Under some 19 conditions, estimated savings were large, suggesting that the benefit of allowing a wildfire to 20 burn may, in select cases, outweigh the additional risk of loss.(More)
Policy analysts wish to visualize a range of policies for large simulator-defined Markov Decision Processes (MDPs). One visualization approach is to invoke the simulator to generate on-policy trajectories and then visualize those trajectories. When the simulator is expensive, this is not practical , and some method is required for generating trajectories(More)
Managers of US National Forests must decide what policy to apply for dealing with lightning-caused wildfires. Conflicts among stakehold-ers (e.g., timber companies, home owners, and wildlife biologists) have often led to spirited political debates and even violent eco-terrorism. One way to transform these conflicts into multi-stakeholder negotiations is to(More)
Biodiversity underpins ecosystem goods and services and hence protecting it is key to achieving sustainability. However , the persistence of many species is threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation due to human land use and climate change. Conservation efforts are implemented under very limited economic resources, and therefore designing scal-able,(More)
Keywords: Visualization Markov decision process Testing Parameter space analysis Wildfire Optimization A B S T R A C T Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) are a formulation for optimization problems in sequential decision making. Solving MDPs often requires implementing a simulator for optimization algorithms to invoke when updating decision making rules known(More)
In this dissertation, I examine how the spatial configuration of forest ownership influences the risk-mitigating behavior of public and private forestland owners over time. I determine whether or not the predicted equilibrium outcomes are socially optimal and, if not, whether the introduction of regulation, liability, or private insurance would lead to(More)
We stitch to a state in the database if it is similar to the state we are in. Similarity does not need to include exogenous variables! Traditionally, similarity is measured against the complete state and action as highlighted below. In our version of trajectory synthesis, we separate the action and exogenous variables and stitch based solely on the(More)