Claire A Kirchhoff

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During a population decline or disease outbreak, the true risk of specific diseases to a wild population is often difficult to determine because of a lack of baseline disease information. To better understand the risk of disease in an endangered and scientifically important population of chimpanzees (Pan trogylodytes schweinfurthii), a health monitoring(More)
OBJECTIVES We present a study of skeletal damage to four chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) infanticide victims from Gombe National Park, Tanzania. Skeletal analysis may provide insight into the adaptive significance of infanticide by examining whether nutritional benefits sufficiently explain infanticidal behavior. The nutritional hypothesis would be supported(More)
BACKGROUND Anatomy of the medial collateral and spring ligament complexes has been the cause of confusion. The anatomic description is highly dependent on the source studied and little agreement exists between texts. In addition, inconsistent nomenclature has been used to describe the components. This study attempted to clarify confusion through the(More)
Differential diagnosis of observed morphological features on an adult male bonobo skeleton was consistent with idiopathic scoliosis. Directional asymmetry was an order of magnitude higher compared with asymptomatic skeletons. This possible case of idiopathic scoliosis contributes to data that suggest a weaker tie between bipedalism and scoliosis than(More)
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