Claire A. Currie

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OBJECTIVES We examined the utility of the 32-point QRS score from the 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) for measurement of the ischemic risk region and infarct size in patients receiving thrombolytic therapy. BACKGROUND The QRS score offers a means of evaluating the therapeutic benefit of thrombolytic therapy by comparing final infarct size with the initial(More)
A survey of the safety and effectiveness of tobramycin, a newly developed aminoglycoside antibiotic, was assessed in 116 septic surgical patients. For comparison, the final 52 cases were randomized with 51 similarly infected patients who were treated with gentamicin. The two antibiotics gave equally good results when evaluated bacteriologically and(More)
Endemic gentamicin-resistant plasmids derived from 12 species of gram-negative bacilli were analyzed by restriction-endonuclease digestion. These digests showed wide variations in digest patterns, but one or more common fragments were seen in all plasmids studied. Southern blot analysis using one plasmid as a probe revealed that most but not all of these(More)
Cleared lysates of gentamicin-resistant, gram-negative bacilli obtained during a prevalence survey and a subsequent prospective study on a spinal cord injury unit were analyzed. Of 105 strains obtained during the epidemiological study, 62 were analyzed for plasmid content. None of the 14 Acinetobacter strains carried plasmids. Of 20 strains from the initial(More)
[1] Long-period magnetotelluric data were collected on two parallel profiles extending across the southern Canadian Cordillera and used to derive models of the electrical resistivity of the crust and mantle from the Cascadia subduction zone to the Alberta Basin. In the fore arc, the resistivity models indicate an east dipping conductor and conductive mantle(More)
[1] This paper presents the first continental-scale study of the crust and upper mantle shear velocity (Vs) structure of Canada and adjacent regions using ambient noise tomography. Continuous waveform data recorded between 2003 and 2009 with 788 broadband seismograph stations in Canada and adjacent regions were used in the analysis. The higher primary(More)
A prospective epidemiological survey of a spinal cord injury unit for gentamicin-resistant, gram-negative bacilli was undertaken. The initial survey of the unit suggested a low level of cross-infection involving Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Providencia stuartii. However, a longitudinal study of new admissions revealed that only 13 of 52 nosocomial(More)
BACKGROUND The increasing mortality rates from alcohol-related liver disease (ARLD) are a public health concern. To address this, alcohol care teams (ACT) case-find and lead management of alcohol issues for these patients. Local assessments of ACTs have shown reductions in emergency admissions and emergency department attendances. We examine the impact of(More)