Claibourne I. Dungy

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Objectives This study: (1) investigated infant feeding attitudes and knowledge among socioeconomically disadvantaged mothers in an urban community with historically low breastfeeding rates, (2) examined the influence of women’s social networks on infant feeding attitudes and decisions, and (3) validated a measure of infant feeding attitudes and knowledge in(More)
The prevailing research design for studying infant sleep erroneously assumes the species-wide normalcy of solitary nocturnal sleep rather than a social sleeping environment. In fact, current clinical perspectives on infant sleep, which are based exclusively on studies of solitary sleeping infants, may partly reflect culturally induced rather than(More)
Ten elementary schools in southern California were surveyed to identify and quantitate allergens present in the school environment. The Anderson sampler was used to quantitate viable molds. Pollens and non-viable molds were determined by roto rod techniques. Statistically significant differences existed between indoor and outdoor mean counts for molds and(More)
It is essential that physicians and other health care professionals seeking to increase the rate of initiation and duration of breast-feeding build on the body of information concerning factors that influence a woman's attitudes about breast-feeding. The relation between positive attitudes concerning breast-feeding and its initiation is important to the(More)
Subcutaneous extravasation of parenteral nafcillin sodium can cause deep-tissue necrosis, sometimes necessitating multiple debridements and skin grafting. We report two cases in which nafcillin-induced tissue injury was successfully prevented by prompt clysis of hyaluronidase to the site of infiltration; these patients are compared with an infant in whom(More)
Bilateral congenital hyperextension of the knees occurring in dizygotic twins is reported. Twin A had the mild form of the disease, genu recurvatum, while twin B had a more severe form of the disease, congenital subluxation. Hyperextension of the knee may occur as a sporadic abnormality, in conjunction with multiple dislocations or as a feature of a(More)
The breast-feeding patterns of 146 women who initiated breast-feeding during their hospital stay were evaluated to determine whether those women who received a hospital discharge package containing a manual breast pump breast-fed their infants for a longer period of time than did women who received a discharge package containing an infant formula. Women(More)
The objective of this study was to determine the obstetric care providers' roles in breast-feeding promotion during prenatal care. A questionnaire addressing breast-feeding issues was sent to family practitioners (FP), obstetric-gynecologists (OB/GYN), and nurse midwives (NM) in Iowa, USA. All NM, 97% of FP, and 85% of OB/GYN reported asking infant feeding(More)