Claes Svensson

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The increased competition caused by the global economy we are facing has forced companies to develop well established corporate strategies. Merging or acquiring a company has for a long time been used by organizations as one of the main strategic tools for expanding globally or for entering new markets. The problem is that over 50 percent of the Mergers and(More)
F. Sarazin,* J. S. Al-Khalili, G. C. Ball, G. Hackman, P. M. Walker, R. A. E. Austin, B. Eshpeter, P. Finlay, P. E. Garrett, G. F. Grinyer, K. A. Koopmans, W. D. Kulp, J. R. Leslie, D. Melconian, C. J. Osborne, M. A. Schumaker, H. C. Scraggs, J. Schwarzenberg, M. B. Smith, C. E. Svensson, J. C. Waddington, and J. L. Wood Department of Physics, Colorado(More)
Three rotational bands in 74Kr were studied up to (in one case one transition short of) the maximum spin I(max) of their respective single-particle configurations. Their lifetimes have been determined using the Doppler-shift attenuation method. The deduced transition quadrupole moments reveal a modest decrease, but far from a complete loss of collectivity(More)
Precision measurements of superallowed Fermi β-decay transitions, particularly for the lightest superallowed emitters ^{10}C and ^{14}O, set stringent limits on possible scalar current contributions to the weak interaction. In the present work, a discrepancy between recent measurements of the ^{10}C half-life is addressed through two high-precision(More)
A. Piechaczek, E. F. Zganjar, G. C. Ball, P. Bricault, J. M. D’Auria, J. C. Hardy, D. F. Hodgson, V. Iacob, P. Klages, W. D. Kulp, J. R. Leslie, M. Lipoglavsek, J. A. Macdonald, H.-B. Mak, D. M. Moltz, G. Savard, J. von Schwarzenberg, C. E. Svensson, I. S. Towner, and J. L. Wood Department of Physics and Astronomy, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge,(More)
Angular distributions of the elastic, inelastic, and breakup cross sections of the halo nucleus ^{11}Be on ^{197}Au were measured at energies below (E_{lab}=31.9  MeV) and around (39.6 MeV) the Coulomb barrier. These three channels were unambiguously separated for the first time for reactions of ^{11}Be on a high-Z target at low energies. The experiment was(More)
Introduction Careful temperature control is essential for a wide variety of chemical measurements. High-precision potentiometry, for instance, requires thermostatting, since the slope of the straight line E vs log a is highly temperature dependent (E is the measured emf, log a is the logarithm of the activity of species i). The equation describing the(More)
C.E. Svensson, A.O. Macchiavelli, A. Juodagalvis, A. Poves, I. Ragnarsson, S. Åberg, D.E. Appelbe, R.A.E. Austin, C. Baktash, G.C. Ball, M.P. Carpenter, E. Caurier, R.M. Clark, M. Cromaz, M.A. Deleplanque, R.M. Diamond, P. Fallon, M. Furlotti, A. Galindo-Uribarri, R.V.F. Janssens, G.J. Lane, I.Y. Lee, M. Lipoglavsek, F. Nowacki, S.D. Paul, D.C. Radford,(More)