Claes Jogreus

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The concepts of the Choquet and Sugeno integrals, based on a fuzzy measure, can be adopted as useful tools in estimation of the total effectiveness of a drug when appreciating its positive influence on a collection of symptoms typical of a considered diagnosis. The expected effectiveness of the medicine is evaluated by a physician as a verbal expression for(More)
The increased reliance on Internet use in social functions has presumably left out a part of the population: the oldest-older adults. These are people who have not kept themselves up to date with the technological developments for various reasons. There are, however, exceptions from whom we have something to learn. This study investigates the older people(More)
Older adults living in rural and urban areas have shown to distinguish themselves in technology adoption; a clearer profile of their Internet use is important in order to provide better technological and health-care solutions. Older adults' Internet use was investigated across large to midsize cities and rural Sweden. The sample consisted of 7181 older(More)
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