Claes-Henrik Andersson

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Exploration of nanoscale tissue structures is crucial in understanding biological processes. Although novel optical microscopy methods have been developed to probe cellular features beyond the diffraction limit, nanometer-scale quantification remains still inaccessible for in situ tissue. Here we demonstrate that, without actually resolving specific(More)
Ditopic binding of various dinitrogen compounds to three bisporphyrin molecular tweezers with spacers of varying conformational rigidity, incorporating the planar enediyne (1), the helical stiff stilbene (2), or the semi-rigid glycoluril motif fused to the porphyrins (3), are compared. Binding constants Ka = 10⁴-10⁶ M(-1) reveal subtle differences between(More)
Coherent light scattering presents complex spatial patterns that depend on morphological and molecular features of biological cells. We present a numerical approach to establish realistic optical cell models for generating virtual cells and accurate simulation of diffraction images that are comparable to measured data of prostate cells. With a contourlet(More)
The author wishes to clarify his contribution to the papers I-VII in the thesis I Carried out all experimental work and contributed in writing the paper. II Significantly contributed to the experimental work and characterizations of the purified single-and multi walled carbon nano-tubes. Contributed in writing the paper. III Performed all experimental work(More)
We demonstrate an optical Fourier filtering method which can be used to characterize subcellular morphology during dynamic cellular function. In this paper, our Fourier filters were based on two-dimensional Gabor elementary functions, which can be tuned to sense directly object size and orientation. We utilize this method to quantify changes in(More)
There is an increasing need for quantitative and computationally affordable models for analyzing tissue metabolism and hemodynamics in microvascular networks. In this work, we develop a hybrid model to solve for the time-varying oxygen advection-diffusion equation in the vessels and tissue. To obtain a three-dimensional temporal evolution of tissue oxygen(More)
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