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The variability in the behavioral outcome of human and nonhuman animals after stroke raises the question whether the way that a stroke occurs is a contributing factor. Photothrombotic stroke in rats has been reported to produce especially variable results, with some animals showing either slight to no impairment to other animals displaying severe(More)
PURPOSE Paulsson and Sjöstrand have suggested that the light scattering factor (LSF) can be estimated by using the equation: LSF = L/E (M2/M1-1). Here L is the space average luminance of the target, E is the illuminance of the glare source, and M2 and M1 are modulation contrast thresholds in the presence and absence of the glare source. To compensate for(More)
We report an investigation into the interference rejection capabilities of a dual antenna system on a mobile telephone prototype for the 1800 MHz band. The investigation is done by means of narrowband downlink channel measurements in a microcellular-like e n vironment. Complex signal samples are used in order to investigate the interference rejection gain(More)
A Humphrey Automatic Refractor Model 570 was used to measure the impairment of visual acuity for low contrast optotypes as a result of glare for normal subjects and for subjects with cataracts. This was compared with a direct measure of intraocular light scatter as measured by a compensating technique and with a subjective assessment of glare determined by(More)
The increased complexity of mobile networks, the need to deliver high data rate services and the variation of mobile traffic put a high burden on operation and maintenance in terms of extra workload and additional costs. New approaches to network optimization and management should be taken into account to increase network performance and reduce operational(More)
Mobile users need more capacity and higher velocity to work with new data applications. In order to satisfy these requirements, mobile systems of third generation were created and they are established every day in more places. Consequently second and third generation of system have to coexist. In this paper is presented a study about the coexistence between(More)