Claas Abert

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Different numerical approaches for the stray-field calculation in the context of micromagnetic simulations are investigated. We compare finite difference based fast Fourier transform methods, tensor-grid methods and the finite-element method with shell transformation in terms of computational complexity, storage requirements and accuracy tested on several(More)
An efficient algorithm for the reconstruction of the magnetization state within magnetic components is presented. The occurring inverse magnetostatic problem is solved by means of an adjoint approach, based on the Fredkin-Koehler method for the solution of the forward problem. Due to the use of hybrid FEM-BEM coupling combined with matrix compression(More)
We report two effects that lead to a significant reduction of the switching field distribution in exchange spring media. The first effect relies on a subtle mechanism of the interplay between exchange coupling between soft and hard layers and anisotropy that allows significant reduction of the switching field distribution in exchange spring media. This(More)
We propose and analyze a decoupled time-marching scheme for the coupling of the LandauLifshitz-Gilbert equation with a quasilinear diffusion equation for the spin accumulation. This model describes the interplay of magnetization and electron spin accumulation in magnetic and nonmagnetic multilayer structures. Despite the strong nonlinearity of the overall(More)
We solve a time-dependent three-dimensional spin-diffusion model coupled to the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation numerically. The presented model is validated by comparison to two established spin-torque models: The model of Slonzewski that describes spin-torque in multi-layer structures in the presence of a fixed layer and the model of Zhang and Li that(More)