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Dental alloys are metallic biomaterials which have a broad variation of composition compared to technical alloys. It is therefore in the interest of patients and technicians to conduct a good assessment of the electrochemical behaviour of dental alloys in order to collect information about their corrosion resistance. The purpose of this work was to(More)
Four alkaloids have been isolated from the skin gland of the ‘Feuer- and Alpensalamander’ (Salamandra maculosa andatra Laur.). The structure, stereochemistry and absolute configuration of the principal alkaloid, samandarin, have been elucidated by chemical, optical, and X-ray-crystallographic methods. The basic structure of samandarin is derived from(More)
y-HgaS~CI= erhielten wir beim Abschrecken yon HgSund HgCl~-Dampf yon e twa 750 ~ C o d e r in termedigr bei der Umsetzung einer schwach alkalischen HgCl~-LOsung mit CS~. Die rhombische Elementarzelle m i t a = 9,09~ ; b = 16,84 a ; c : 9,3% A enth~Llt 8 Formeleinheiten. Als R a u m g r u p p e n kommen ill Frage D ~ C m m m ; D~ C222; z4 C2~ C m 2 m ; C~lv(More)
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