Clóvis Pestana

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Leptospirosis is a public health problem worldwide and its etiology remains unclear. Its pathogenesis involves a complex interaction between host and infecting microorganism. The inflammatory reaction that controls the infection process also underscores many pathophysiological events occurring in leptospirosis. We investigated the presence of tumor necrosis(More)
The effect of tranquilization and anesthesia on high-resolution electrocardiography (HRECG) indices of dogs in the undetermined chronic phase of Chagas’ disease was studied. Eight adult female mongrel dogs were submitted to six protocols: group 1: animals not submitted to tranquilization or anesthesia; group 2: tranquilization with acepromazine; group 3:(More)
Timely initiation of enteral feeding requires efficient placement of nasoenteric feeding tubes. It is generally agreed that postpyloric placement of feeding tubes reduces the risk of regurgitation and aspiration of feeding formulas. The authors describe a simple, economic method of achieving postpyloric placement of feeding tubes in most patients.
The occurrence of late potentials in dogs under doxorubicin-induced cardiomyopathy and their relationship with the development of ventricular arrhythmias or sudden death were studied. Seven adult mongrel dogs of both sexes were used. Cardiomyopathy was induced by slow intravenous infusion of doxorubicin (30mg/m) at 21-day intervals, until a total cumulative(More)
A four-year-old male goat with a history of neurological disorder was euthanized. It presented uncommon nodules in the brain and lungs associated with multiple abscesses, predominantly in the spleen and liver. Histological examination of brain and lung sections revealed yeast forms confirmed to be Cryptococcus gattii after a combination of isolation and(More)
Nonoperative replacement of lost or occluded jejunal feeding catheters proved successful in 8 of 11 patients. This technique is recommended as a nonoperative means of replacing a needle catheter jejunostomy when it is accidentally lost or becomes occluded. Adherence to sterile technique and gentle advancement of the guide wire to avoid injury to the bowel(More)
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