Clémentine Symonds

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We observe the myosin V stepping mechanism by traveling wave tracking. This technique, associated with optical tweezers, allows one to follow a scattering particle in a two-dimensional plane, with nanometer accuracy and a temporal resolution in the microsecond range. We have observed that, at the millisecond time scale, the myosin V combines longitudinal(More)
In this paper we describe the properties of organic material in strong coupling with plasmon, mainly based on our work in this field of research. The strong coupling modifies the optical transitions of the structure, and occurs when the interaction between molecules and plasmon prevails on the damping of the system. We describe the dispersion relation of(More)
Plasmonic Tamm states are interface modes formed at the boundary between a photonic structure and a metallic layer. These modes present both the advantages of surface plasmons and of microcavities photonic modes. Tamm plasmons can be spatially confined by structuring the metallic part of the system, thus reducing the size of the mode and allowing various(More)
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