Clémentine Javaux

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Applications of semiconductor nanocrystals such as biomarkers and light-emitting optoelectronic devices require that their fluorescence quantum yield be close to 100%. However, such quantum yields have not been obtained yet, in part, because non-radiative Auger recombination in charged nanocrystals could not be suppressed completely. Here, we synthesize(More)
We collect and resolve spectrally and temporally the photoluminescence of single CdSe nanoplatelets. The emission intensity of single nanoplatelets at room temperature shows ON and OFF periods with a usual blinking statistics, while at 20 K, their emission intensity can be extremely stable in time. At room temperature, the emission spectra of single(More)
We experimentally demonstrate the control of the spontaneous emission rate and the radiation pattern of colloidal quantum dots deterministically positioned in a plasmonic patch antenna. The antenna consists of a thin gold microdisk separated from a planar gold layer by a few tens of nanometers thick dielectric layer. The emitters are shown to radiate(More)
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