Clémentine Azam

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The emergence of strains of malaria vectors resistant to malathion in an area of Pakistan, and the continuing search for improved methods of control, necessitated the examination of alternative safe insecticides, with improved residual effects, for future use in the Malaria Control Programme in Pakistan. For these reasons, the effectiveness of(More)
As light pollution is currently considered to be a major threat to biodiversity, different lighting management options are being explored to mitigate the impact of artificial lighting on wildlife. Although part-night lighting schemes have been adopted by many local authorities across Europe to reduce the carbon footprint and save energy, their effects on(More)
Light pollution is a global change affecting a major proportion of global land surface. Although the impacts of Artificial Light At Night (ALAN) have been documented locally for many taxa, the extent of effect of ALAN at a landscape scale on biodiversity is unknown. We characterized the landscape-scale impacts of ALAN on 4 insectivorous bat species(More)
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