Clément Schneider

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A 4 ns molecular dynamics simulation of an RNA duplex (r-GGACUUCGGUCC)(2 )in solution with Na+ and Cl- as counterions was performed. The X-ray structure of this duplex includes two water-mediated uracil-cytosine pairs. In contrast to the other base-pairs in the duplex the water-mediated pairs switch between different conformations. One conformation(More)
We report on unrestrained molecular dynamics simulations of an RNA tetramer binding to a tetra-nucleotide overhang at the 5'-end of an RNA hairpin (nicked structure) and of the corresponding continuous hairpin with Na+ as counterions. The simulations lead to stable structures and in this way a structural model for the coaxially stacked RNA hairpin is(More)
We report on an unrestrained molecular dynamics simulation of the flavin mononucleotide (FMN)-RNA aptamer. The simulated average structure maintains both cross-strand and intermolecular FMN-RNA nuclear Overhauser effects from the nmr experiments and has all qualitative features of the nmr structure including the G10-U12-A25 base triple and the A13-G24,(More)
Two new Megalothorax species, Megalothorax potapovi sp. n. from the Russian Far East and Megalothorax sanguineus sp. n. from the French Pyrénées are described. The two new species have a set of morphological characters (including a smooth mucro) that places them among the minimus group sensu Schneider and D'Haese (2013). Megalothorax potapovi(More)
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