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The effect of adjunctive fluoxetine on negative schizophrenic symptoms was evaluated in 34 chronic schizophrenic in-patients on maintenance therapy with neuroleptics. They received randomly, on a double-blind basis, fluoxetine (20 mg/day) or placebo for 12 weeks. In the fluoxetine group, three patients dropped out because of side effects. Negative symptoms,(More)
Six epileptic women, showing a clear increase in seizure frequency in the perimenstrual period, were studied during three consecutive menstrual cycles. At each control seizure occurrence, EEG recordings, endocrine profile and antiepileptic drug plasma levels were evaluated. The only pathological finding was the progesterone deficiency with a relative(More)
To evaluate the comparative effects of valproic acid (VPA) and valpromide (VPM) on plasma levels and protein binding of carbamazepine (CBZ) and CBZ-10,11-epoxide (CBZ-E), 12 adult epileptic patients stabilized on CBZ monotherapy were divided into two groups. One group (n = 6) received sodium valproate (1,100 mg/day) for 2 weeks, while the other group (n =(More)
"Enuresis risoria" or "giggle incontinence" is a particular condition characterized by a sudden, involuntary, uncontrollable and complete emptying of the bladder during giggling or hearty laughter. We had under observation a 15-year-old girl affected by this condition. The tests she underwent did not reveal anatomic or functional alterations. We were able(More)
Eighty patients affected by ischemic cerebrovascular disease (ICVD) in stable conditions were studied: brain CT scan was performed in all patients to evaluate site/extension of brain injury, while urodynamic tests were employed in those patients who showed urinary bladder symptomatology (n = 30). Twenty-six complained of urgency and urge incontinence, only(More)
INTRODUCTION Encapsulation of biologically active molecules into nanoparticles (NPs), for site-specific delivery, is a fast growing area. These NPs must be biocompatible, non-toxic, and able to release their load in a controlled way. We have developed a series of NPs based on (bio)degradable and biocompatible poly(malic acid) derivatives, poly(benzyl(More)
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