Clément Rezvoy

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UNLABELLED Comparing genetic and physical maps (the so-called Marey map approach) is still the most widely used approach to estimate genome-wide recombination rates. Remarkably, there is no available bioinformatics tool specifically devoted to Marey map approach. Here, we developed such a tool called MareyMap based on GNU R and Tcl/Tk. MareyMap offers a(More)
GC-biased gene conversion (gBGC) is a process that tends to increase the GC content of recombining DNA over evolutionary time and is thought to explain the evolution of GC content in mammals and yeasts. Evidence for gBGC outside these two groups is growing but is still limited. Here, we analyzed 36 completely sequenced genomes representing four of the five(More)
The resolution of combinatorial assortments of protein sequences into domains is a prerequisite for protein sequence interpretation. However the recognition and clustering of homologous domains from sequence databases typically scales quadratically with respect to their size which grows exponentially, making it essential to parallelize these complex(More)
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