Clément Gosselin

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3T1R four-degrees-of-freedom (DOF) parallel manipulators (3T1R-PMs) are the parallel counterparts of the 4-DOF SCARA serial robots. In a 3T1R-PM, the moving platform can generate 3T1R motion (also called Schonflies motion), which refers to a rotation about any axis with a given direction in conjunction with 3-DOF translations. A method is proposed for the(More)
This paper presents the results of a systematic study of the singular configurations of 3-DOF planar parallel mechanisms with three identical serial chains. Only prismatic and revolute kinematic pairs are considered. From the point of view of singularity analysis, there are ten different architectures. All of them are examined; the nature of all possible(More)
The mobile platform of a parallel cable-driven mechanism is connected in parallel to a base by lightweight links, such as cables. Since the cables can only work in tension, the set of poses of the mobile platform for which the cables can balance any external wrench, i.e., for which the platform of the mechanism is fully constrained, is often limited or even(More)