Clément Couteau

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We report on the first real-time implementation of a quantum key distribution (QKD) system using entangled photon pairs that are sent over two free-space optical telescope links. The entangled photon pairs are produced with a type-II spontaneous parametric down-conversion source placed in a central, potentially untrusted, location. The two free-space links(More)
The weathering of mantle peridotite tectonically exposed to the atmosphere leads commonly to natural carbonation processes. Extensive cryptocrystalline magnesite veins and stock-work are widespread in the serpentinite sole of the New Caledonia ophiolite. Silica is systematically associated with magnesite. It is commonly admitted that Mg and Si are released(More)
We will present our recent results in the generation of triple photons as well as triple slits, both providing interesting perspectives on the foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum optics. The creation of correlated triple photons [1] is a highly desirable process for research on quantum optics, novel states of three-photon entanglement, and(More)
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