Clément Bonnéry

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To assess the relationship between exercise intensity, cerebral HbO2 and cognitive performance (Executive and non-Executive) in young adults. We measured reaction time (RT) and accuracy, during a computerized Stroop task, in 19 young adults (7 males and 12 females). Their mean ± SD age, height, body mass and body mass index (BMI) were 24 ± 4 years, 1.67 ±(More)
Diffuse, optical near infrared imaging is increasingly being used in various neurocognitive contexts where changes in optical signals are interpreted through activation maps. Statistical population comparison of different age or clinical groups rely on the relative homogeneous distribution of measurements across subjects in order to infer changes in brain(More)
Like other neuroimaging techniques assessing cerebral blood oxygenation, near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) has been applied in many neurocognitive studies. With NIRS, neural activation can be explored indirectly via hemodynamic changes in the imaged region. In studies of aging, changes in baseline physiology and brain anatomy confound NIRS measures seeking(More)
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