Clément Bonhomme

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OBJECTIVE To compare the effect of the Chignon ankle-foot orthosis on gait versus a standard ankle-foot orthosis. METHOD A multicentre randomized study was conducted in seven rehabilitation centres. Hemiplegic patients were recruited after unilateral stroke lasting less than six months. Exclusion criteria were: impossibility to stand for 10 seconds; ankle(More)
INTRODUCTION Hemiplegic (or spastic unilateral) cerebral palsy accounts for about 30% of all cases of cerebral palsy. With a population prevalence of 0.6 per 1000 live births, it is the most common type of cerebral palsy among term-born children and the second most common type after diplegia among preterm infants. STATE OF THE ART Many types of prenatal(More)
The ability of transdermal administration of the dopamine D2/D3 agonist piribedil (1-[3,4-methylenedioxybenzyl)]-4-[(2-pyrimidinyl)]piperazine) to reverse hypokinesia and other motor deficits observed in MPTP-treated common marmosets was investigated. Piribedil (2.5-10.0 mg/animal), applied directly to the skin of the abdomen as a paste, produced a(More)
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