Clément Béra

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The endoglucanase gene (endC) of Fibrobacter succinogenes BL2 encodes a protein of 620 amino acids (EGC) that shows similarity with family E1 cellulases, and particularly with EGB from F. succinogenes S85. Alignment of the amino acid sequence of family E1 cellulases revealed that EGC is composed of a N-terminal domain and a large catalytic domain of 453(More)
Dynamically typed languages allow developers to write more expressive source code, but their lack of static information about types of variables increases the complexity of a program. Static type information about types of variables facilitates program comprehension and maintenance. Simple type inference algorithms suffer from the problem of false(More)
Live programming, originally introduced by Smalltalk and Lisp, and now gaining popularity in contemporary systems such as Swift, requires on-the-fly support for object schema migration, such that the layout of objects may be changed while the program is at one and the same time being run and developed. In Smalltalk schema migration is supported by two(More)
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