Cláudio Rosito Jung

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The problem of detecting rectangular structures in images arises in many applications, from building extraction in aerial images to particle detection in cryo-electron microscopy. This paper proposes a new technique for rectangle detection using a windowed Hough transform. Every pixel of the image is scanned, and a sliding window is used to compute the(More)
Users often select training images from video sequences at random, but it is hard for users to know the correctness of selection for the system. In this paper, we propose a small improvement to select training images, and incorporate a simple technique for foreground detection in grayscale video sequences.
This paper proposes a technique for unwanted lane departure detection. Initially, lane boundaries are detected using a combination of the edge distribution function and a modified Hough transform. In the tracking stage, a linear-parabolic lane model is used: in the near vision field, a linear model is used to obtain robust information about lane(More)
This article presents a survey on crowd analysis using computer vision techniques, covering different aspects such as people tracking, crowd density estimation, event detection, validation, and simulation. It also reports how related the areas of computer vision and computer graphics should be to deal with current challenges in crowd analysis.
This paper proposes a new method for image denoising with edge preservation, based on image multiresolution decomposition by a redundant wavelet transform. In our approach, edges are implicitly located and preserved in the wavelet domain, whilst image noise is filtered out. At each resolution level, the image edges are estimated by gradient magnitudes(More)
This paper presents a new adaptive background model for grayscale video sequences, that includes shadows and highlight detection. In the training period, statistics are computed for each image pixel to obtain the initial background model and an estimate of the image global noise, even in the presence of several moving objects. Each new frame is then(More)
This work describes a model for understanding people motion in video sequences using Voronoi diagrams, focusing on group detection and classification. We use the position of each individual as a site for the Voronoi diagram at each frame, and determine the temporal evolution of some sociological and psychological parameters, such as distance to neighbors(More)
Dense regions in digital mammographic images are usually noisy and have low contrast, and their visual screening is difficult. This paper describes a new method for mammographic image noise suppression and enhancement, which can be effective particularly for screening image dense regions. Initially, the image is preprocessed to improve its local contrast(More)
In this paper we address the problem of lane detection and lane tracking. A linear model is used to approximate lane boundaries in the first frame of a video sequence, using a combination of the edge distribution function and the Hough transform. A new linear-parabolic model is used in the subsequent frames: the linear part of the model is used to fit the(More)